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Whole Crop Marketing

Whole Crop Marketing (WCM) is a national potato marketing consultancy, growing, processing and distributing potatoes & seed across the UK.

WCM were looking to update their outdated logo and develop a modern look for the brand. The brand took shape, retaining the strong identity of WCM and its values, whilst being able to become a scalable brand for different mediums.

The WCM brand is synonymous with potatoes for farmers and distributors across the UK. For this reason, it was key that the core heritage and values of the brand were echoed through the newly branding.

The brand needed to be recognisable on small and large scale material within a glance. I feel this was achieved, with the use of distinctive earth and nature tones contrasting against the bold, sharp sans-serif lettering. 

Since the development in 2019, the brand has been rolled out company and has seen a positive impact on the brand.

As part of the rebranding, the brand needed to be tailored to suit large scale print environments; the re-development of the brand also saw a re-development and re-design of the company's new HGVs and display stands.

To compliment the new re-developed branding, the current WCM website needed an overhaul.

The brand was given a simple, but clear and complimentary web design that was implemented within a matter of days, allowing the brand to receive little disruption from the rebranding process.