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2020 2020

Web Development
Brand Strategy
Social Media Management
Live Video Production

When the pandemic forced the world into a lockdown, I was challenged into thinking how we could make the most of our time inside. Raves and festivals we're postponed indefinitely, but the artists weren't.

I worked alongside a few others to develop a fully digital and online festival for 2020. We worked with some amazing artists from around the world to develop a streaming platform and livestream event.

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The brand was developed, alongside a display website, where you could find out about the festival or visit "Restart Festival Play" another website that had been developed to allow subscribers to get exclusive access to an online festival community and exlcusive sets.

The platform was then entered into a social media campaign and planned to be created into a livestreamed event.

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The Project

With the development of the 2 main platforms, We approached 100's of amazing "hidden talent" artists/DJ's from across the world, developed relations and collated their exclusive mixes into a livestream event, allowing anyone around the world to discover a variety of new artists.


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