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Pocklington District Heritage Trust

The Pocklington District Heritage Trust (PDHT) was formed in 2020, looking to share a light on the history of Pocklington and the surrounding areas.

The trust wanted to gain some local publicity and so, required a modern, informational website and clear branding to go with it.

The trust (PDHT) was newly formed, they required distinctive branding that not only was clear to understand, but was able to tie in with their most important find, the iron age shield found recently during an archeological dig.

The brand was challenged by its long name, that could, if not correctly developed, be lost on smaller devices; With the use of 2 weighted custom fonts and contrasting colours, a strong and recognisable logo was formed.

The typography was paired with a distinct, simplified shield icon, that contained unique markings and shape to ensure it retained a strong resemblance to the trust's original, iron age shield.

Subsequently, the logo's colours were able to form the basis of the website and all print material for the brand, being instantly recognisable upon first glance.

The brand had not previously had a website and were only operating through a large, growing facebook page. It was important for the trust to be able to link the site to their base of followers on facebook and people in the Pocklington area.

The site took a largely informational design, that was simple, but clearly and easily displayed the larger amount of information about the trust and their work. The site incorporated the colours and schemes laid out by the newly developed brand guidelines, that incorporated the brand's contrasting colours and complimentary typefaces.

The website was developed to allow members of the trust to add "blog/news" posts to the site, which would automatically send a bi-monthly newsletter to any and all people signed up to the website.