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People & Process Solutions

People & Process Solutions (PPS) are a recruitment agency based in the UK, specialising in the life sciences and manufacturing market.

The company was looking for a new brand and web development, alongside an online job board and management solution to manage their jobs and allow clients to interact in the process.

An optimistic, bright logo was developed for PPS, to work well with imagery of aspiration, positivity and future development. 

The warming gradient  turquoise was developed to work well as a background for the primary (lighter) logo, allowing the vivid blue "solutions" type to stand out, showing ho they stand out from the crowd against their competition. A secondary (darker) logo was developed for lighter backgrounds, still incorporating this turquoise blue into the "solutions" wording.

A thinner, capitalised tall typeface created the approachable look that the recruitment agency were looking for, clearly stating their company name, whilst being open and retaining a distinctive look.

A "star"  icon was also developed to allow the brand to scale down for smaller environments, such as mobile screens and social media icons. The iconography was developed to represent moving forward, again reflecting the brand's qualities of optimism and future development.  

The recruitment agency also looked to have a new website developed to match their branding and new business qualities.

A simple, infographic landing page website was developed to represent the brand, incorporating the brand's newly developed colour schemes to further emphasise the future development the brand can offer to their clients.

Alongside the landing page style site, a job listing board and client dashboard was developed, allowing the company's clients to log in, upload their CV, quick apply to jobs and save their favourites.

The job management solution was also developed to reflect the company's new branding and imagery, incorporating their distinctive turquoise blue and complimentary sans-serif typography.