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Aspiration Life

Aspiration Life is one of the UK's leading healthcare product supplier and distributer.

The company had recently started to manufacture and sell a new, multi-purpose commode to healthcare suppliers and resellers across the country.

The brand was looking for a high quality video production to showcase their new product.

Explore the website:
Watch the video: Aspiration Life - Commode Ad

As history shows, medical product showcases are commonly seen to be slow, unappealing and produced quickly.

Aspiration Life were looking for ways in which the commode and all of its features could be showcased with a more interesting look than a "single take", low quality advertisement.

A plan was developed alongside the company, paired with a pre-provided script, allowing shots and different angles to be planned and explored.

The commode was filmed on the company's pre-existing turntable, behind a clean white background. 2 4K camera rigs were set up, capturing close-up shots and far out, general shots.

All the footage was captured within a few hours working with the company.

Once all the footage had been collected, the videos were assigned to a scene, cut and paired with alternate shots and angles, then colour graded.

The video was then edited and timed to sync with the externally hired voice actor, allowing for a smooth, engaging video.

The while video, although over 6 minutes, was able to capture and engage potential buyers across the UK, standing out from a typical video production for similar medical products.

As well as the main filming, Aspiration Life were looking to add a voice overlay to the video, paired with backing music that didn't detract from the video but complimented any shorter, quiet shots.

I worked with an external voice actor, who worked to create a smooth voiceover that matched with the tempo and speed of the music and overall video.

Video thumbnails and high quality exporting was then also produced for the company after the final edit was created.