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Abbey Rd Coffee

Abbey Road Coffee is a coffee house based in Malvern, United Kingdom.

I approached Abbey Road Coffee after recent visit to their newly renovated coffee house. The company had recently seen increased growth and popularity with their artisan coffees and cakes, and had decided to re-fit the building, taking on a modern, New York Coffee House style.

The coffee house was in need of a new website, since their current site did not fit the new character of their re-developed coffee house and had subsequently been neglected in the last year.

To fit with the modern re-development of their coffee house within Malvern, we decided to put an emphasis on their artisan coffee and offerings within the local area.

Their current logo was a bold, "Beatles" album cover inspired logo, that wanted to be softened by an elegant and on trend website.

The website was designed with the local area in mind, putting an emphasis on their friendly staff and great service.

The company had also employed a local photographer to capture some warming, "living" photos to fit with the new website, which featured a set of soft sans-serif typographies, complimented  by a welcoming pastel cream.