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GoGreen Magazine

The GoGreen magazine was developed by Kai Swanborough in 2019, alongside the efforts of the Pocklington School committee. The initial idea was to develop students knowledge of the environment through interesting recent news and articles written by students of the school.

The magazine was quickly developed into a public publication, that shared the views of students and teachers alike, through articles written by them, covering the latest topical stories on the environment and sharing ways of how to help.

The publication is released annual across the web for free, with no copies being hard printed.

GoGreen was initially a brand that housed all of the efforts of Pocklington School for its environmental work, but since the more recent uptake in popularity of the digital magazine, has become a separate division of the Pocklington School Eco-Committee.

Since the separation of the brand, a new, cleaner and more modernised logo was developed and rolled out across the magazine and website. The new logo featured simple, clean iconography that paired well with the more modernised and powerful "GoGreen" text.

The brand was then paired with a vivid green, muted green and crystal white to emphasise the brand and its link to the environment.

Since the launch, the GoGreen site has been re-developed twice, each time representing the brand better.

The latest and permanent remodel of the website has simplified the contents of the site down to its core, clearly providing web suers the option to read the latest magazine, or to view past publications of the magazine.

In keeping with the brand development, the site incorporates a simple Swedish based, custom sans-serif typography that uses bold underlining to show navigation across the site.

The website uses a plain, linear design that allows the publications to stand out alone on the digital pages.

The magazine originally populated content from its custom built online content management portal, which proved efficient but slowly became outdated with the brand and its core values.

The most recent publications have been developed with the industry standard print and publication platform: InDesign, which allows the team of content providers to quickly input information into a pre-defined and custom styled magazine layout.

The magazine, once finished, is publicised through a private, custom branded PDF magazine viewer that's immediately embedded into the GoGreen magazine website.