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Hull KR Rugby

Hull Kingston Rovers (Hull KR) are one of the UK's highest performing national Rugby League teams, inspiring some of the nations highest achieving league players...

HullKR had recently undergone a cohesive and comprehensive rebranding, and were looking for some base graphics to be developed for social media and large scale advertising within the early months of 2023, to kickstart their season.


Twitter Media Post (1): Season Launch
Twitter Media Post (2): Ticket Sale

The brand we're looking for a mix of Photoshop and Illustrator based assets that could easily be edited and contained clear and understandable, collapsable assets to be reused for future media posts.

Initially, I worked to develop a personal branded strategic vision document set for HullKR and my interpretation of their new branding, which was agreed upon, then moved into the development phase.

A wide set of branded social media posts (different scales) were developed, each incorporating the striking red and wide typography, but adding a new flair of modernism for the 2023 season, being distinguishable as the new HullKR brand, but fitting with he upcoming design trends of 2023; many of the posts developed were then posted directly onto social media platforms (such as Twitter, for the launch of the season).

As part of the media development, a large scale graphic set was developed for outdoor advertising within the city centre of Hull.

The graphic was cohesive of all the other work developed, but showed off the newly developed HullKR colour scheme, typography and edited photography; the post incorporated a wide typeset variation, alongside B&W imagery contrasted against a slightly grain and noise distorted, strong red background, that showed through the patriotic, energetic imagery of the stadium.

The HullKR team were looking to develop a large set of cohesive and easily formatted social media templates and branded assets for the 2023 season launch, requiring these over a 2-4 week timeframe.

The work was turned around within the 2 weeks, before a second set was developed, with each of the designs stringently adhering to the new branding and guidelines set in place, ensuring the brand was represented as the team specifically requested.